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Simply Fresh is a company that provides a safe and effective way to remove odors using a three step proven process, that will eliminate any obtrusive odors permanently within your car or home.


A fly by night company, we are not. We are here to stay.



If you're having problems with bad smelling and offensive odors, such as cigarette smoke, mildew or food, as well as other odors that need to be removed, call us. Carpet Cleaning in California



Some of the most common residential odors, are dog and cat urine, pet, mildew and smoke. Call us with your odor issue and we will have the means to remove it.



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For the Hotel owners that would like to convert a smoking room, to a non-smoking room, our track record has been nothing short of happy patrons that have stayed in our customers hotels rooms that have been converted to non-smoking rooms.

Please feel free to call us at any time, with any questions that you might have. If it has to do with odor, we'll have the answer.


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