Our Experience

Simply Fresher understands completely the struggles with unpleasant odors. Our company was created after experiencing breathing problems at a house that we had just purchased. We were excited to start a family at our new beautiful home, but there was a problem.
The cigarette odor that persisted throughout the house was unbearable and was creating health problems to us. We couldn’t find a company that specialized in this field and No matter what we did to the house the cigarette odor DID NOT go away.
We went as far as removing the carpet, painted the walls, placed air purifiers, cleaned air ducts, opening all windows and cleaning the entire house and the list goes on without success.


After fearing for our health due to breathing issues and, as an expecting mother, we had no other option but to move out of the home; that was our solution at the time.
Once we were in our new place, we invested significant amount time and money in researching to find a safe and effective solution to removing the powerful cigarette odor that had impacted our lives.

We wanted to make a difference in peoples lives.
We are passionate about what we do. We know that your health is important.
We do business the right way, not the easy way!

Why do customers choose us?

The Simply Fresh System is the first of It’s kind in regards to odor removal services. After many years of searching for the right mix of formulas to create an efficient odor removal process that was Effective but more importantly SAFE and that was able to do what we claim it would do remove odors permanently the Simply Fresh process was born.

It’s for this reason, that we feel the Simply Fresh 4 step process will be the first service that you will turn to for your odor problems and Sanitizing needs.

At Simply Fresh we’re passionate about what we do. Making peoples lives much easier, when they know they have a reliable and honest company that they count on, when struck with an obtrusive odor.

As a company working to break strides, to be the leading Industry company, in the odor removal business! While always working toward the goal of customer appreciation and satisfaction.


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